Building vibrant, resourceful communities through volunteering.

Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre Inc

Bendigo Volunteer Resource Centre Incorporated is a leading not-for-profit community-based Organisation that connects people to people through sustainable volunteer activities, that improve the health and well-being of individuals, and expand the capacity of the Community sector.

By doing so, we build vibrant, resourceful, communities.

BVRC delivers volunteer support services to potential volunteers, Volunteer Involving Organisations and the broader community.

We do this by:

  • Assisting to promote volunteering opportunities across the Greater Bendigo Region and beyond – this includes helping to identify volunteer roles, creating volunteer role descriptions and promoting these to potential volunteers;
  • Promoting high-quality volunteer management practices and providing credentialed source of volunteering best practice guidance and advice on policies and procedures, governance and volunteer management, including legislative requirements.

As part of our revitalised services BVRC will be:

  • Digitising volunteer management to reduce administration to better enable Volunteer Involving Organisations to engage volunteers;

  • Providing every volunteer with the opportunity to develop a social record to verify their contribution to the community and skills developed.

We are proud to share our recently reviewed strategic plan that addresses the current and future needs of volunteering in our community, to meet the demands of the contemporary volunteering environment by responding with new innovative models of service delivery.